What Are Some Popular Italian Getaways?

Italian Getaways with Trips2ItalyThere are few things as beautiful and enchanting as Italian getaways. As gorgeous as the country is, though, it’s not just for looking at. One of the biggest misconceptions about touring to the region is that you’ll be herded from landmark to landmark and stuffed in hotels for the rest of the day. For the adventurer at heart, this doesn’t sound like much of a trip. Fortunately, it’s also completely untrue. There is no shortage of things to see, things to do, and memories to make here, and whether you’re a diehard foodie or a world class athlete, this part of the world will challenge and charm you.

What are some popular Italian getaways?

Most of the people who tour the country do so because they wish to experience the country’s incredible food, art, architecture, or culture. For these people, we offer a number of custom cultural and culinary tours, including trips that combine cooking courses into the itinerary.

Our culinary tours frequent several regions, including the Emillia-Romagna, Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, and Toscana regions, among others. Emillia-Romagna is legendary for its prosciutto di Parma and parmigiano reggiano cheese. During a culinary tour into the country, you’ll also have a chance to try the succulent white truffles of Alba, (in the Piedmont region) Modena’s balsamic vinegar (in the Emilia Romagna region), and wines from nearly every part of the country. If expanding your own culinary insight sounds like fun, you’ll be able to do so with our cooking classes. Our cooking courses are taught by nationally respected chefs and traditionally respected “nonnas,” and include a number of world famous dishes, from breakfast to dessert.

Art and culture lovers may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do and see. There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites here than any other part of the world, which speaks to the country’s rich history. Our cultural tours will take you to not only Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Milan, but also a host of small, historical towns dotting the Tuscan hills. During your trek across some of the world’s most important cultural sites, you’ll see incredibly important works of art and architecture, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Sistine Chapel. We can also organize a custom itinerary for you, which can give repeat visitors a chance to see more of the country.

Italian getaways, though, are designed to engage all of your senses, and for people who enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities, you’ll have plenty to choose from. With its varied landscape and lovely weather, there are activities for those who enjoy the mountains, the water, and everything in-between. Along the Riviera, you can swim in sapphire blue waters, or enjoy boating, sailing, or golfing near the sea. Close to the country’s northern border lies the Alps, a treasure trove of climbing, hiking, biking and skiing areas. The foothills of the Alps are also laced with several lakes, including Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. These lakes are also ideal places for various aquatic activities and are surrounded by several top flight golf courses. In fact, an avid golfer can make an extended trip out of just touring the area’s golf courses.

Whether you enjoy spending your time indoors or outdoors, you’ll never run out of things to do in Italy.

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