Helpful Information About Finding A Hotel In Italy

Helpful Information About Finding A Hotel In ItalyThe hotel rating system in Italy can be deceptive for people traveling to the country and looking for accommodation. The scale is from one star to six stars, with one being the lowest a place can get, and six being the highest. The rating system does not designate the same thing as it does back in the United States. And the rating system can vary from region to region. Some one and two star places are rated because of location, as they might be a few miles from popular tourist destinations. They may also have smaller lobbies or no elevators. One and two star places should be avoided though as the majority of them are lacking the amenities tourists expect. What travelers should aim for is the three and four star accommodations. These are the hidden hotel gems in Italy.

Three and four star lodging offers the best accommodations for the best prices. Rooms will have private bathrooms (that is a valid concern with one and two star places) and will most likely have air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Sometimes the lodging is rated three or four stars because it is in a converted castle, villa, or palace. Rooms may be smaller because to keep the historical integrity of the building, rooms cannot be enlarged. If looking for larger (more American-style accommodation) stick to the five and six star hotels, but this typically means paying a hefty price for a few extra square feet. That being said, nothing can beat the bragging rights of saying you stayed in a castle!

What else does a three or four star hotel in Italy offer? It can vary depending on where the lodging is located. A three star place in Rome will differ from a three star hotel in Cinque Terre. Rome is a busy, bustling hotspot for tourists, so accommodation might be smaller and cost more, but will be near highly trafficked destinations. Three star lodging in Cinque Terre will undoubtedly be slightly larger and cost less than its Roman counterpart. The difference between the two is actually the location. Cinque Terre is beautiful, but is more of an under visited locale. A lot of the variation is because there is no true standard in classifications.

Finding a hotel in Italy is not too difficult if the above information is remembered. A little research can yield wonderful and unexpected results when looking for accommodations.  If you are looking for unique lodging like a castle, tower, or rustic farmhouse, but still want the modern amenities of air conditioning (which is not a standard in Europe!) and Wi-Fi, then three and four star accommodations should be looked into.

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