Planning Honeymoon Travel Arrangements To Italy

Planning Honeymoon Travel Arrangements To ItalyPlanning one’s honeymoon and travel can be a bit stressful. With all the hustle and bustle of the wedding, sometimes the honeymoon becomes an afterthought. However, there are some couples that plan the entire wedding around their honeymoon travel plans. And when thinking of where to go, many consider Italy to be at the top of the list.

What is this draw to Italy all about? Most would answer in one word, love. There have been many a song, poem, book, and film that have talked about the romantic countryside, coastal regions, or valleys of Italy. Italians are known for their love of food and wine, and one taste is all it takes to see why. The various regions of this fantastic country offer some of the best seafood, produce, wine, and pasta the world over. And with all the inspiration around, there is no wonder as to why there have been countless arts of beauty painted here as well.

With all of this fanfare, it is not surprising that Italy would be a honeymoon destination, but travel to it may be intimidating for the first time traveler.

Whether the newly married couple are seasoned travelers, or first-time visitors to Italy, Trips 2 Italy is the place to start. They have honeymoon specific travel packages, or the happy couple can customize their trip. The packages they offer vary by days, from 5-days and 4-nights to 8-days and 7-nights, and if airfare is not already part of the itinerary, it can be added to the cost as well.

Current available packages:

These packages include, unless otherwise stated, round-trip airfare from New York, 3 or 4-star hotel accommodations, Trips 2 Italy travel information kit, daily breakfast, and a bottle of Italian Sparking Wine.

Don’t see the ideal honeymoon travel package? Then contact a representative to put the perfect itinerary together for you and your beloved. Have a few extra dollars left after paying the wedding bills? Then go all-out and contact a representative to book a custom luxury Italian honeymoon. Tour the various regions by a private driver, dine in some of the most exquisite restaurants, stay in world-class accommodations, request private tours, and be prepared to be treated like royalty.

Trips 2 Italy prides themselves on not just being tourism agents. They are native Italians that treasure their homeland and take pride in their ancestral country. They have been to all the places on the various itineraries and know where the hidden gems are. One call or click and Trips 2 Italy will ensure that the memories made will be unforgettable!

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