Looking For A Custom Italy Vacation Package

Looking For A Custom Italy Vacation PackageAre you looking for a holiday or vacation package that combines your love of Italian cuisine and cooking? Perhaps you are looking for the ideal spot to enjoy your honeymoon. Trips 2 Italy can help you create a custom Italy vacation package so you can experience this beautiful country with all it has to offer in the way you choose.

Italy is a country with stunning landscapes, warm hospitality, and some of the best cuisine ever created. It would almost take a lifetime to discover all that Italy has to offer. So, what would a custom vacation package look like? Well, the answer will depend on what you are looking for, the time of year you go, and what regions and cities you would like to visit. If you were a culinary aficionado, then your custom Italy vacation package could take you to Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, or the region of Tuscany. Tuscany is often called the birthplace of the Renaissance and features some of the finest museums and artwork in the world. It is a land of gorgeous rolling hills, lush vineyards, and cypress-lined driveways that lead to charming villas. Emilia Romagna sits in the fertile Po River Valley, offering the freshest ingredients for the delectable dishes this area is known for. Piedmont offers rich dishes featuring fantastic cream sauces and dazzling truffles. Italians love their food and derive much pleasure from preparing and consuming it. Using the freshest herbs and ingredients, the cooking can be either complex or simple, but it is always marvelously flavorful. Trips 2 Italy offers custom vacation packages that are perfect for those that appreciate the best in culinary delights. You can learn how to make bruschetta, crostini, or handmade pasta! Other packages include wine tours and tastings, with some that include meals at traditional restaurants. While you enjoy the cuisine, you can also take some side tours to the many museums, churches, and villas that dot this beautiful country, whichever region you choose.

If your interest is finding the perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon, look no further than magnificent Italy. This country exemplifies all that embodies love and romance. If you two are outdoor enthusiasts, then Italy has mountains to hike and ski on, beautiful paths for or horseback riding, caves and caverns (underwater and on land!) to explore, and lakes and seas to surf, kayak, or soak up the sun. If you are looking for a more tranquil honeymoon, Italy has just as much to offer. Lake Como and Lake Maggiore in the Lombardy region are two of the country’s most romantic spots for honeymooners and destination weddings. Here you will find beautiful villas, gorgeous churches, and incredible shopping! There are a number of museums to visit and national parks to stroll through hand in hand. Some of the villas boast beautiful gardens where you can walk amongst peacocks, pheasants, and exquisite statuary. Everything in this region speaks of romance and love. Of course, if you two are more into the arts, then think about heading to Rome or Florence – two of Italy’s biggest cultural and artistic centers. In Florence, you will be in awe of the masterpieces you will see. Florence is home to the world’s most outstanding home of art – the magnificent Uffizi Gallery – with its collection of works by Botticelli, Titian, Michelangelo, and more. Equally as breathtaking is the Galleria dell’Accademia that house Michelangelo’s, David. Florence is a city of fine art, incredible architecture, and delicious cuisine!

Heading south, you will find yourself in Rome – the Eternal City, a place of history, romance, and unbelievable architecture. Home to the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, the Roman Forum, tons of Etruscan tombs and sites, and Vatican City— Rome is a cultural smorgasbord.  Rome is also steeped in romance! Visit the breathtaking Trevi Fountain and ensure your luck by throwing a few coins over your left shoulder using your right hand. Head over to the Villa Borghese with its heart-shaped park and magnolia-lined lake. Here you can picnic before renting a rowboat as you steal a kiss or two under the cover of the weeping willows. Atop one of Rome’s seven hills is the Villa Celimontana, also known as the “Retreat for Lovers.” Picnics, theater shows, and sunsets over the Roman skyline are just a few of the treats you will find at this beautiful villa and its grounds. You will also be able to stroll through open-air markets, enjoy the charming cafes while you people-watch, and enjoy some of the best food you will ever eat in the city’s great restaurants. Rome is a city for lovers!

When considering a custom Italy vacation, check out Trips 2 Italy’s website for ideas and more information on the country’s many regions and cities. Your Italian experience begins here!

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