What Are The Best Italy Vacation Packages Offered By Trips2Italy?

The Best Italy Vacation Packages Offered By Trips2ItalyFounded by native Italians, the best holidays can be found at Trips 2 Italy with their vacation packages. The people at Trips 2 Italy know their country like the backs of their hands, therefore they can arrange some of the most amazing, authentic trips for any of their clients. Their goal is more than helping you get to their native country, it is helping you discover the real deal, experiencing the country like a true local.

Trips 2 Italy specializes in giving you the best of their Italy vacation packages. They have pre-bundled itineraries that are great starter packs to help first-timers get to the most often visited places – like Rome, Florence, and Venice. They also have bundles for previous visitors to help them discover those off the beaten path spots that most tourists miss, or do not get to because of time constraints and lack of knowledge. One of Trips 2 Italy’s greatest services is they can customize their bundles to your needs or wants, or they can create entirely new, personalized itineraries that are specific to you and your family’s interests, hobbies, or requirements.

What does this mean for you? Well, you are getting the best of Trips 2 Italy, their incredible customer service, and their vacation packages too! Another plus is that their customization services make you feel like a VIP and that you are getting an exclusive trip. Their holiday bundles are a favorite, and they can be as long or as short as you want them to be. If you want to spend a week dedicating yourself to discovering the differences in wines from region to region, that particular itinerary can be created for you. If you want to know where pizza comes from, then a customized holiday in Naples may be in order, where you learn about the origins of this famous pie and schedule classes in the art of pizza making.

Are you an art fanatic? Trips 2 Italy probably has some of the best museum and architecture excursions in Italy as part of their vacation packages. They have guided tours as well, where as part of your bundle, you receive what they like to call a tour escort. Your tour escort is a local who knows everything about the city and region you are visiting. They can explain the history of the sites and attractions you visit and often provide a colorful local legend or story attached to these places.

Italians are natural explorers, adventurers, and pioneers – Marco Polo, Cristoforo Colombo, and who this country is named after – Amerigo Vespucci. You can see a statue in Vespucci’s honor outside the Uffizi in Florence! Of course, while you are there, you have to visit the world famous museum, as it houses a collection of art that is unrivaled…some of the most famous pieces in the world are housed here – Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Titian’s Venus of Urbino, and one of Rembrandt’s Self-Portraits. Visiting the Uffizi is like stepping back in time when the titans of the artistic world gifted us with their creations. Some of the best Italy vacation packages include numerous museums and attractions to help you explore some of the best this country has to offer.

Once you have planned and booked your perfect trip, Trips 2 Italy’s services do not stop there. They can help arrange flights, hotels, and transportation. They also have a 24/7/365 hotline for their clients in case they need anything. Their dedication to creating the perfect holiday for you is what makes Trips 2 Italy one of the best resources for Italy vacation packages. Call them today at 1-866-464-8259 to see why their clients love the service and keep coming back for more!

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