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Typical musician Potenza Italy
Turkish procession Potenza Italy

Potenza Things to Do



In Potenza there is no particular tradition in handicraft, but you can find all the products and items made by the craftsmen of the whole region: pottery, woodworks, leather items and more.


Tradition and Festivals


In Potenza, on May 29, the day before the festival of St Gerard, the patron of the city, takes place the Sfilata dei Turchi (Procession of the Turks). Even though it is based on legend, we can define it as an historic celebration. It is said that on a night in May, while the inhabitants of Potenza were sleeping, a band of Saracen pirates navigated their boats upstream against the current of the Basenta and attacked the city. Taken by surprise, the inhabitants found themselves defenseless. Suddenly the sky lit up and a row of angels appeared, surprising the Saracens and giving the citizens time to organize their defense. Once the invaders were sent away, the people attributed the miracle to S. Gerardo who, during his life, had been the bishop of Potenza. The procession honors him by reenacting the events of the legend. This festival belongs to the Maggio Potentino, a series of folkloristic, cultural and sport events organized in the city on May.

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