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Bari Things to Do



Basilica of St. Nicholas

The Basilica probably still is and will be for a long time, the Symbol of Bari. It is renowned not only for its large dimensions, but also because it is a place of worship and pilgrimages due to the numerous holy relics contained within.


Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle)

This is a castle that has survived through the centuries and different dominations. The castle in its majesty preserves its structure and its walls. It is now one of the main attractions of the city and is also used for exhibitions and other important events.


Fortino Sant'Antonio Abate

Located on the seaside, it is the higher point of the old city that permits incredible panoramic views of both the Adriatic Sea and Bari.


Historical Museum of Bari

The Museo Storico Civico di Bari is one of the best ways to learn about the cultural and architectural richness of Bari


Petruzzelli Theater

This is a must see attraction for Opera fans. Located in the city center, it is the fourth biggest theater in Italy and largest private theater in all Europe.







Bari International Film Festival


During March, Bari offers one of the most renowned Italian film festivals, only second to the most popular, the Venice film festival. On average, every year there are 65.000 spectators that can enjoy a long list of events spread over an 8 day period.


Sagra di Maggio


During May, Bari celebrates and honors Saint Nicolas, the patron of the city and one of the most important saints of the liturgical history. A series of cultural events and religious ceremonies are organized through an entire weekend that culminates with the Translation of the Relics of Saint Nicolas on the 9th of May.


Bari International Music Festival


In June of every year, Bari also hosts an International Music festival, drawing visitors from all around Apulia and the Mediterranean area. The festival showcases different types of music from classical to lyrical.


Fiera Del Levante


If you decide to visit Italy in September, you can’t miss the Fiera del Levante. Since 1929, this has been a major event in Bari for trade, events and entertainment throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.  In fact, over one million people attend and there are over 2,000 exhibitors, both industrial and agricultural. 


Festival Mousike


Another reason to visit the Apulia region in September is the Festival Mousike. This is an ancient music festival that is the only one traveling festival in the area. For 20 years, the festival has provided an authentic look back into the history and heritage of Ancient Music with over 40 participants from 12 countries.

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