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Things to Do


Abruzzo Italy Canoeing
Abruzzo Italy pottery
Abruzzo Italy cross country skiing

Things to Do

Farm holidays


In Abruzzo we find hundreds of farm holiday centers, where one can enjoy healthy open air activities, be in direct contact with farm life and its products, experience grape-picking and wine-making, and assist in the preparation of food preserves and all the agricultural activities of local tradition.




Moreover, it is even possible to enjoy such activities as horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking and excursions to discover the surrounding art villages and the secrets of a still unspoiled nature.

But Abruzzo offers plenty of opportunities for all kind sports: for the adventure lovers it is possible to canoe and kayak in the open sea and inland waters. For sea lovers, diving, windsurfing, sailing and fishing are possible activities.

Its largely mountainous, snow-capped landscape offers wonderful opportunities for trekkers, hiking, and climbers. During the winter season there also plenty of ski resorts with lifts and high-quality tourist amenities, as Roccaraso, Ovindoli and Campo Imperatore.




Halfway along among the wild scenery of the Maiella National Park and hills of the Pescara Valley, lies Caramanico Terme, the most important spa in Abruzzo.


Traditions and Events


Every year at Pretoro the miracle of the Wolf of San Domenico is revived and at Cocullo the well-known procession of the snake-charmers attracts thousand of people. Religious tradition is also combined with paganism as memories of stories are handed down from the past during the Farchie, a great fire commemoration at Fara Filiorum Petri and the joyful and multicolored flags procession of the Banderesi at Bunchiniano.




The local craftsmen have learned from nature to shape and to work raw materials as stone, wood, iron to create art and crafts such as: the wood carvings at Pretoro, the majolicas of Castelli, the wrought iron of Guardiagrele, the ceramics at Rapino, the blankets and carpets at Taranta Peligna, the Tombolo lace and the golden filagree in Pescocostanzo and Scanno, and the traditional musical instruments like traditional ddu' botte, which is made in Atri and Casoli and accompanies local songs and dance.

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